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We make sure what your learn is what you earn. 

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Over 42+ Years of Experience and Still Counting

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We deliver Accounting courses using LCCI (UK) syllabus and exams. LCCI is created to give learners targeted and specialized skills and knowledge needed.

Dedicated Lecturer

Our lecturers dedicated to make sure all our learners will be able to acquire the relevant skills to thrive in the real world. 


We also equipped our learners with ideas to fully utilize the skills they acquired to monetize it in the market to increase their income

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We use our experience to create yours

We believe the basic of of any business entity starts with a solid accounting knowledge.

We are passionate in helping more people to learn accounting, not just to be just an employee, but also be able to start their own practice to increase their income. What you learn is what you earn.

Our specially curated online learning experience will guide you through each modules confidently.

With this globally recognized skills, we will be able to open doors to unlimited opportunities. Every course that are offered in Asia Commercial Institute, we empower you ways to monetize your skill.


Discover how we deliver a different learning experience

As we understand we have our own time commitment, we designed a combination of online learning series + our support group and online tutorial sessions to assist learner equipped with all the required knowledge to be used in the real world.


Check what our learner say about us

The teacher is very helpful. Even though I already finished the course, she also willing to answer my problem in my career. For me, the Autocount course really helps me in my daily work. 

Ophelia Law Ek Jun

2018 Best Academic 

It helps me learn more about in bookkeeping. The environment is good for study and the lecturer is good in teaching and willing to help the students who had problem in study. 

Lilian Wong Wei Ting

LCCI Level 2 Diploma

Let me to understand well in accounting field. Good environment & lecturer gives attention to the student who not able to do the exercise during lecture. Improve myself in my daily work.

Jennifer Goh Chui Yin

LCCI Level 2 Diploma

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